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JoinNet provides an effective solution to online multimedia conferencing. Whether you are connected from Internet or from corporation's Intranet, using a dial-up or broadband connection, you can have real-time meetings with your customers and colleagues whenever you want, wherever you are. If a person you are looking for is not online, you can even leave a multimedia message!
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JoinNet Instruction

1. Install Software

If JoinNet has been installed, you can proceed to the next step. JoinNet is a free client software. In order to use our multimedia messaging service, your computer must have JoinNet software installed. After JoinNet has been installed, you can run the Test Wizard to ensure that your system is compatible.

Download JoinNet

Download JoinNet for Android 4.4

Download JoinNet for Android 4.1

Download JoinNet for Android 3.0

Download JoinNet for Android 2.3

Download JoinNet for Android 2.2

Run Test Wizard

Please read System Requirements and JoinNet Manual for more information.

JoinNet Messenger is another free client software that connects you to other users.

Download Messenger

Download Messenger for Android

Please read System Requirements and Messenger Manual for more information.

2. Attend Meeting

Click on the name to attend a meeting or leave message.

On Lineindicates that a meeting is in progress.

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